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Rabu, 08 April 2015

Konsep Dakwah memikat

Hamidan Tabaroka wata'ala Lillah wa ala Rosulillah musholliyan wamusalliman waala alihi Waman waalah

Khidmah wad Propagation, driven from an intention that is inspired by the "ballighuu 'anni although father" to convey was even one verse, a word that comes out of the minutes of Muhammad bin Abdillah shohibur SAW to propagate the religion brought, true religion without the slightest contained doubt in it, religion is a mercy to the universe that frees the soul and mind of man from the colonies to the purity of monotheism taghout ila ha illallah laa.

As described Dr. Abdul Karim Zaidan in his book Prolegomena "Ushulud Propagation" that are intended to ad-Da'wah (invite) is ad-Da'wah ilaLloh (invited to the worship  of Allah), Allah SWT says:

"Say:" This is the (religious) me, I and the people who follow me invites (you) to God with real proof, Glory to God, and I'm not including people who are idolaters ". (Surah Yusuf: 108)

And purpose of God is invited to call upon religion is Islam, the word of God: "Truly, the religion (the blessed) with Allah is Islam .." (Surah Al 'Imran: 19), the Islamic religion brought by Prophet Muhammad from Rabb- it.  Then ISLAM is the first principal point in the propaganda.
Rosululloh with full trust has delivered perfectly all the minutes he brought and continue to call this treatise since the appointment to be messengers of God until his death. He expressed this treatise with manhaj and excellent scientific method that directly inspired by God. God of His Word:

"And we have not sent you but to all mankind as a bearer of good news and as a warner" (Surah Saba ': 28)

From here we can say that preachers principal ranks second in the propaganda.

And those who diseur by Rosululoh SAW towards Islam are Arabs and much more, Because his treatise is common to all human beings without any specialized Arabs. Allah says: Say: "O mankind! Verily I am the messenger of Allah to you all, that God has dominion of the heavens and the earth; there is no god (the right to be worshiped but He), which turn on and off, So believe in Allah and His Messenger , the unlettered prophet who believes in Allah and to His sentences (his books) and follow him, that ye may be guided. " (Surah Al A'raf: 158)
From here we can say that ALMAD'U (target da'wah) ranks Three Principal to the Da'wah.

And Rosululloh also in communicating the message using tricks or methods that have been guided directly by God Almighty through His communications that we can Watch the Qur'an and Assunnah. So in just over 23 years he has been able to change the face of the world from darkness into duania origin brilliant.   So Trick or METHOD (Manhaj) ranks fourth in da'wah
From the brief description above, we can conclude that the mission has four pillars, namely: Islam as the core and essence of propaganda, preachers (subject that calls), MAD'U (object da'wah) and WASAIL (means) to convey propaganda. And in sya God we would describe as needed.

1.        INTI   Da'wah
If we talk about Da'i, it is like talking about propaganda. And the main point to be preached is the religion of Islam that has been revealed by Allah Taala to Rosulnya latter is King of the Prophet Muhammad as stated in the holy Qur'an and Assunnah. There is no fundamental Islam, the other three did not exist.

in membincankan about Islam, we do not want to widen and extend as not need too concise and too short. We will speak only what is needed by a Mad'u (target Da'wah) and also things that are not worth abandoned by soerang Preachers.

Therefore, in this brief article we will discuss things about the Islamic definition, rukunnya, specialty, rules and Objectives of Islamic religion itself.
a.        Understanding Islam
Islam is a very broad term meaning, therefore we try to define Islam in some sense below:
1.        In the hadith of Jibril said he came to see Rosululloh with Bedouin style (village) to teach about Islam to them. Gabriel asked, Tell me what Islam is, then Rossululloh answer: Islam is should you testify that there is no tuha but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, establish prayer, pay zakat, fasting in Ramadan, and the pilgrimage to the House if you mempu.
2.        Islam is a total submission and surrender to Allah Ta'ala consciously not compulsion. Muri submission that this is the core of the Islamic religion it's own, and this is where applicable reward and punishment.
Understanding Islam that both can be seen as appears from totolitasnya a Muslim against the law of God willingly and accepts without any frills. From this sense, MKA Islam is a religion that diridloi by her, who revealed to the messengers to be delivered to all mankind.
Allah Ta'ala   says: Verily the religion (the blessed) with Allah is Islam. no disputing those who has been given the Book, except with the coming of knowledge unto them, Because of malice (existing) between them. He who disbelieve the revelations of Allah verily Allah is swift at reckoning. QS: Ali Imron 19
And whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, then occasionally will not be accepted (the religion) thereof, and in the Hereafter he is among those who lose. BS: Ali Imron 85

And he who surrenders himself to God, while he's doing good, verily he has been adhering to a solid rope knot. and only to Allah is the end of all affairs.   Surah Luqman 22

And Ibrahim has been willed Greeting it to their children, as well as Jacob. (He said): "O my sons! Allah has selected for you this religion, then die not except in the religion of Islam" .QS: Al Baqoroh 132
Are you present when Jacob arrival (signs of) death, when he said to his sons: "What do you worship after me?" they replied: "We will worship your God and the God of your fathers, Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, (ie) God Almighty and we only submissive to Him". QS. Al Baqoroh: 133
3.        Islam is a general rule and pelican-laws Comprehensive untu entire human affairs ang taken by Rosululloh to be delivered to all the people who berkonsekwesnsi on pahla and sin with merosponnya.
4.        Islam is a compilation of what - what was revealed by God to his messenger, the Prophet Muhammad, which contains about Aqeedah, Character worship, transactions and news contained in the Quran and Assunnah. And Allaah berperintah held by each of the king to menyampakannya to all beings. This is the religion of Allah, Islam.
5.        Islam is a right answer to three questions that always confuse the human mind since time immemorial. That is the question of where we come from? Why did we come? And what direction we? For the first answer is that man was created from clay, then water sperm, then a blood clot a lump of flesh (QS. Al Hajj: 5), to answer number two: people come to worship (Surah Adh Dzariyat 56) and for that to three is: that man will return to his Lord (QS. Al insyiqoq: 6)
And much more relevant understanding of Islam, where the breadth of this definition we know we do not make conservative and restrictive in one thought.
b.       Pillars of Islam
It has been mentioned above in the hadith of Gabriel that it contains the answer that the Prophet of Islam is to testify, prayer, Zakat, Fasting and Hajj for those who are able.
c.        The specialty of Islam
Islam is the perfect religion, which is why Islam has a special characteristic of the "religious" others. Among others are:
1.        Islam comes from Allah, Lord of the Worlds
2.        Islam is a comprehensive religion.
3.        Islam is eternal. Suitable to be used as a guide of human life
4.        Islam has a reward for the obedient and disobedient, both in this world and in the hereafter
5.        Islam always suitable for all ages and relefan

d. The rules of Islam     
In previous point we have said that Islam is a comprehensive religion. And among the accessories is Islam has strict rules relating to ethics, and others. But if we calculate that it can be summarized in a few numbers below:
1.        The rules of ethical
2.        The rules of the community
3.        Rules berfatwa
4.        Rules berhisbah (Amar good and prohibiting evil)
5.        The rules make the law
6.        Rules berekonomi
7.        Rules of jihad, and
8.        Rules in criminality and persanksian

e.       The purpose of Islam
In fact, the goal of Islam is held is simple, namely to realize the benefit of a good man when living in the world and the afterlife. But there is no purpose any better than him. Texts of the Shari'a has showed it. Complete is to make people happy in nature that moment (the world) to the eternal realm (the Hereafter) by way of the realization of human benefit, and eliminate any harm. By this it seems obvious human happiness itself. 
This understanding also been mentioned by Islamic scholars. Imam Izzuddin Bin Abd Salam said: Shari'a this is all a benefit, sometimes in the form of a rejection of any harm, and interesting adapuladengan expediency. The same thing has also been mentioned by Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Al Jawziyya Qoyyim and also Imams Syatibi.
In fact this is so, what has been presented by the scholars of the above is true. This can be understood from a coming of Prophet Mohammed alasaan into this world, that is to spread mercy to the universe. Allah says: And We sent thee not, but for (be) mercy for all creatures (QS. Al Anbiya ': 107)
Human benefit is divided into three categories:
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. For a full explanation please examine themselves on the fan usul

2.        preachers
Before further discussing about preachers and halhal associated with it, in fact this is the main material that the author wants to convey to complete the requirements of this program. 

Dai, mean a Syar'i required to preach to God.
Da'i the first course is bagida Muhammad. Allah says: " O Prophet, Verily we sent you to be a witness, and a bearer gemgira news and a warner,
And for so callers to the religion of Allah by His permission and to be the light that illuminates "(QS. Al Ahzab: 45-46) and it was delivered God repeatedly that the task of the Prophet of Allah is preaching to.
Da'wah is the task of the Prophet.
The whole community will bseperti Rosulnya in preaching
Who is in charge to preach?
Reasons a Muslim must preach
Preaching according to ability
A preacher will preach all the time, every circumstance and situation

3.        MAD "U

4.        METHOD (Manhaj)

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